Bible Grades 6-8: To the Ends of the Earth: An In-Depth Study of the Book of Acts - Teacher


Your students will be fascinated by this New Testament journey to hostile cities, magnificent temples, and raging seas. They will meet a wealthy soldier, stinky tanner, sleepy student, reluctant king, faithful martyr, godly business-woman, and others as they experience the birth and expansion of the early church. To the Ends of the Earth: The Birth and Early Expansion of the Church, a study of the Book of Acts, includes varied, lively exercises and activities to engage your students and encourage understanding and application. Jay Borkert, an experienced Christian school educator, developed this one-semester course specifically for middle school students. (Spiral, One-semester course, Level 1: Grades 6–8)

List price: $90.00
Price: $90.00